1. Fucking tired

    Night shift is kicking my ass right now. Plus its boring here at night

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  3. Night shift.

    6 p.m. to 6 a.m. I should be exhausted but I’m wide awake. Man when I crash imma crash hard.

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  4. Birthday weekend!

    It was tits. Literally, I love stipclubs. Also got drunk and locked ourselves out of the car still awesome though the girl who stopped and helped us ended up providing a j for us to smoke with her. We also met a cool cab driver all in all I wouldn’t have picked to anywhere else this weekend :)

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  5. So excited!

    Going to NOLA for my birthday next month. Shits gonna get crazy!

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  6. Parks and recreation

    Just started watching it a few days ago I fucking love it

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  9. sullenheart:

yes yes YES YOU


    yes yes YES YOU

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